Wednesday June 16, 2021 “In The Hot Seat” hosted by Vernaire Bass of 664Connect Media

“This week’s episode of In The Hot Seat will be a two part special featuring DJ Shaker HD who has collaborated with @jadinesocadeva to create the ‘New Emerald Boys Anthem’, and Eugenia Karolyo Popcev a sports journalist for the company behind the ‘New Emerald Boys Uniform.” ZJB joined this program already in progress.

Tuesday June 15, 2021 “6 PM News, Sports and Weather Package” with Keyola Greene

The abrupt ending of tonight’s news portion of the program was part of the original live stream broadcast, and was followed by circa seven minutes of silence before the abrupt start of the sports segment. This necessitated the division of tonight’s program into two parts. Tonight’s broadcast is offered ‘as is’.

Part 1

Part 2